Finally some flipp’n rain!

Finally some rain from Tropical Storm ErnestoHey Mr. Weatherman, if your gonna shut down half of a bloody State over a little bit of bad weather, at least let it RAIN the first day. The anticipation is driving me NUTS! I have done more walking in the sunshine today then I have in a good long time. What’s the big idea, waiting until night before you send the rain. I can’t watch it pour out in the dark! Your taking all the fun out of the bad weather Mr. Weatherman.

Ok, enough complaining.

I have today and tomarrow off. Well, I did work a little today. I walked over to the office to close the last of the hurricane shutters that we left up so the cleaning crew could do their job. It was rolled down when I got there, so maybe the cleaners did it? The other thing I did was add the words “and Wednesday, August 30, 2006” to the website. I hope this means I get paid for a full day of work!

It looks like Cuba took all the fight out of Ernesto. I am glad I am not on the north east coast of Cuba right now. Posted by Picasa

Crazy couple of weeks!

The last couple of weeks has been crazy! My apologizies to those who read this (that’s just you mom) for not posting recently.

I finially got myself something frivolious. My trusty PDA & cell phone is finally dieing – the screen is going bad. So I am replacing it 1 piece at a time. The PDA is being replaced with a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. I bought one off of eBay the Thursdy before the Dave concert. I absolutly love it, it has no contact management software, it’s very slow, and doesn’t have enough memory, but it’s the coolest thing ever! I am actually in bed right now pecking this post out.

I have no idea where the time goes. I haven’t even gotten much of a chance to play with the Nokia much. I have been absolutely exhausted after work. I have been going to bed early. Nothing has gotten done. I haven’t even been playing UO during the week.

I had 2 friend’s birthdays to go to. Last weekend 7 of went out to Taverna Opa for dinner, which was a lot of fun if not too loud. Gabby and I went to Kyojin’s for sushi again, it was her turn this time which was good otherwise I couldn’t have gone as the birthdays and weekend soaked up all my mad-money. Somewhere in there was a PHP meetup, and maybe a Webdesign meetup, or was that the week before? I don’t remember.

Tonight was Supper Club night. I made the Cheesey Potato Soup that I had made for one of the birthday parties. Tonights came out better, I didn’t curdle the milk this time. Everyone’s dishes were good tonight. There was even Mt. Dew to drink!

I was invited to go out to a club by a friend with some of her friends tonight, but I guess it would have been $20 for me to get in. I could have scratched that together, but that is too much money to go somewhere that is too loud for me. I just have a hard time enjoying myself when I am shut off from everyone because of the noise.

I ended up stopping by a place called Pat’s Place which was a few blocks from where dinner was tonight. A gal from work sings there regularly and had asked several times if people from work wanted to stop in.

Maybe it’s because I am doing stuff and having fun that the time is flying? Who’d a thunk that!

Dave Mathiews Band

Tailgating at the Dave Mathiews Band ConcertI went to a Dave Mathiews concert on Saturday. A friend of a friend had an extra lawn seat ticket, so $40 later, I had something to do yesterday. We did the tailgating thing, getting up to West Palm Beach around 3 for the 7 oclock show. It was increadiably hot out, so we needed to bring a tent. One of the couples that drove down for the Saturday show (it was a 2 night show, Friday and Saturday) brought the tent so we had some shade. I guess Friday was unbearable without any shade.

Tailgating at the Dave Mathiews Band ConcertJohn Downs drove his 100th Anneversary Harley Davidson up to the tailgate party.

Tailgating at the Dave Mathiews Band ConcertThere where 18 or 20 of us total driving in from all over the state as well as 1 couple who came all the way from Aruba just for the show.

Tailgating at the Dave Mathiews Band ConcertWe broke the party down around 6 oclock with a few people going in early to set up the blankets so we all had a space to sit together.

The concert was pretty good. I am not all that big of a Dave fan, only really likeing his hits. I am not sure that it would have been worth the money I spent if it wasn’t for the tailgating. 

Used Brazilian Dimensional Embrodery Thread

My brand new, used Brizilian Dimensional Embrodiery ThreadsIs it sad that I am buying somebody else’s USED threads? One would think that

Mother and I were looking online for a place in Florida to buy thread. I found a place… eBay! They sell everything! Somebody in Florida was selling off their Edmar Rayon thread, and I bought up all 7 sets of it. I got combined shipping on it, so I ended up getting it for less then half price. Most of the colors have more then half of the threads left, so I guess it is a pretty good deal. These are old though, the tags are all one color – I think all the new tags are color coded to the size of thread. I also ended up with a few duplicate colors, and the used colors are a bit faded compared to the ones Mother got me new for Christmas. It could just be lot differences, but I thought these weren’t supposed to fade at all.

I am busy sorting the new (used) threads into my existing stock. What a pain! Posted by Picasa

Homemade DIY CO2 Reactor Video


It appears that the video has gone missing. Until I can find it and re-post it, you may be interested in Home Made CO2 Reactor, Do It Yourself CO2 Reactor Construction Details, and CO2 Reactor Modifications

CO2 Reactor videoHere is a video of my brand spanking new, already modified Carbon DiOxide aquarium reactor.

The water flows into the top in the big hose, which is coming from my external canister filter. The CO2 is coming from a pair of old juice bottles which have water, baking yeast and sugar in them. This all gets mixed up in all the splashing fun as it goes down the tube with the bio-balls.

At the end of the video you can see my little CO2 monitor in the fish tank – that little bell thingy stuck to the side of the tank. Blue means low CO2, green means good CO2, and if you notice it is more green then it is blue. This is even after the old method of CO2 injection was showing blue, and I hadn’t refreshed my Yeast Bottles yet. This new device appears to be more effective at CO2 Injection then the old feed-it-through-the-canistor-filter method.