Lakeland Florida

Or, I found out why rent is so cheap

Or, I now have a reason to build that folding Kayak

I am being really bad about keeping up to date with my blog. Too busy with the move and so forth.
 Not this friday but the one prior, 9 days ago now, it rained. Now, when I say it rained, that isn’t an adiquite description. Imagine a swimming pool with a lot of bubbles in it. That is what it seemed like outside. It rained THAT hard. More water then air. With my place of residence being in a hole, it gets wet. Really wet. The water was half an inch over the threshhold for the front door. You can see that in this photo. I had the door open (it didn’t matter, it was coming in anyway) with the towels set to slow it down. I was mopping it out with another towel and sweeping it out with a broom. It also came into the bedroom and along the wall in the living room.

 There is a channel cut in the yard to try to direct the water away, it was just overwelmed with how hard it rained.

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