Home made Digital TV Antenna

Most people who know me know that I don’t watch much TV. TV is my ADD trigger or something. If there is a TV on, I can’t help myself but to watch it. So, I keep making TVs into fishtanks or otherwise getting rid of them.

I do have 1 TV that I like (besides my fishtank TV). A friend from an old job gave it to me, thanks Trudi! It is a small, black and white 5 inch AM/FM/TV with AV in. It can run on internal batteries. I mean, it’s the perfect emergency TV. Great for Hurricane Country. The best part, is it came with a schematic. I can fix the goofy thing if it ever died.

Well, come Feb of 2009, the antenna won’t work anymore. So I picked up a Digital TV converter with analog pass through. The analog passthrough is important to me because I will be playing with enough old video stuff that not having it could be a pain.

Anyway. I hooked it up. No TV. Didn’t surprise me, as I don’t get regular TV clearly with the internal antenna.

A challenge.

So, I started looking online for quick and easy, DIY TV antennas.

I found one!

Coat Hanger HDTV Antenna: Better Than Store Bought! AMAZING!The funniest bloopers are right here

It looked like a fairly good VHF UHF antenna.

I made one. It took me about an hour. I got to play with my torch. Any night is a good night when you get to play with fire, right? My soldering iron isn’t hot enough to work well with the 12 gauge solid wire I used for the antenna.

I took a video with my Hi-Def video camera of my five inch TV getting High Definition Broadcast Digital Television. Kinda ironic, isn’t it?

I get 10 stations for 25 channels? Is that how you say that? A lot of each station has multiple channels in them. The only really important channel I get is the Weather Channel.

A really good website to visit to see what you should expect for TV reception is TV Fool. I am getting about what it says that I should.

I am thinking I will make a ‘cleaner’ antenna. I want to get a matching transformer on this antenna to see if that works better. I will also be making a few other types over the winter I think. Just stuff to play around with.

I did notice that if I hook my converter box up to the antenna on the foot and a half cable I left myself, I don’t get much for reception, but if I use the 40 foot cable I have, I get much better reception. I will need to investigate cable length for reception and such. I am guessing that the long cable is helping match the antenna to to the receiver. Just a hunc though.

**UPDATE** I made a simple backplane reflector for it that nearly doubled the signal strength I can get.

Kitten Update.

Well, I am crossing my fingers is that the other kitten will get a new home this week. I was really hopeful that they both would find homes this weekend, but no such luck.

I got a message from the new caretaker of ‘lil one’ – nobody ever owns a cat, do they?

Hello Mike!

Just wanted you to know that the kitty is doing great. She’s love it here and gets along very well w/Cuddles my other kitten.

Curious though… did the other person come through to p/u the other kitten? My mil is interested if he/she is still available.. she just fell in love w/ours!


So, it looks like the other one will have a home by the end of the week.

It’s bizarre, but the remaining kitten is all cuddly and stuff all of a sudden. I am not sure if it’s because the other kitten is gone and that the remaining one has nobody to rough up, or because I liked the other one so much I was slighting this one.

We took a nap this afternoon, and he was all cuddled up, just a purring away.

He was playing with a toy mouse a bit ago. I have the memory card in the computer or I would take more video of the kitten and Brother rough-housing in the living room right now.

1 kitten left.

Kitten on my lap going to it's new home

So, I gave ‘lil one’ away today. He has a new blue eyed Siamese kitten to play with. I wish him best of luck. I dropped him off. Made a shopping trip out of it while I was out. I am happy, only spent $11 on stuff, and that again on food. I love Culvers.

A little girl came by to look at the other kitten tonight. The kitten goes all shy on us! Can you believe it? They shy one was all ha[py and stuff, and the bold one goes shy!
Funny looking kitten
When the girl and her mom left, I had ALL THREE cats on my lap. They saw the ‘lil one’ leave, and they are like, ‘don’t send me away daddy, I will be good, I promise!’

Goofy looking kitten
Everybody seems to LOVE brother. I got an offer to take Brother off my hands. The 2 people that where here tonight thought he was pretty cool too.

I think I did pretty good raising my kittens.


So, I had told myself that if I still had the kittens at twelve weeks, they are going to the shelter.

They are now 12 weeks old.

I still have them.

The shelters are full.

It’s kinda a tough situation. I can be kicked out of my apartment for having more then 2 cats, so I can’t put up signs for the kittens all over the place.

I posted to some sites last night, I think I may be able to give one away at this point. The person asked for current pictures. I took this video last night about 1am.

And because a picture is worth a thousand words….

and because I like to talk…