Twitter Updates for 2011-07-18

  • I have a shovel to mend [pic] and a door hinge to make. Forge is about to be fired. Come on over if you want to play too #
  • The new 'spine' for the shovel is done and ready to be welded on. Gonna do that then make the other patch. #
  • I do 'bugger welding' with this borrowed flux core welder and no welding glasses. Looks like good penetration though. #
  • My rake and shovel are now repaired. Now to cool off in the kiddie pool with the little one. Not sure if I fit! #
  • Planting the HoneyCrisp apple tree my friend gave me turned into all weekend affair, broken shovel. It's trimed some too #
  • New blacksmithing photos #86 111 Today I made a custom door hinge and fixed a broken shovel. Very challenging for me! #