Twitter Updates for 2011-07-28

  • It appears that I put on the shirt I got married in which is fine except I went out and played in the rain and plastic shirts suck when wet. #
  • I wanna build a teepee as my smithy. M'Wife said I can because she's awesome. My budget is $2.59. Anybody want to help? Pole/cover donations #
  • Oh my is that Bella is a clever one. The other day she filled her empty pool with rocks, and today I see it has water! #
  • Two choices on the table… I drink neither, the baby drinks one. Dang it… what did I do now? #maybefail #
  • Yep… it is what you think it is… shots of Mt. Dew! #
  • Its about to rain here methinks… there is a tornado watch out until 1 am. Stay safe my peeps! #
  • Its bedtime:98 for me. There went one full REM sleep cycle. Somebody call me or something if a tornado is heading my way please. #