Trying to cobble together a new computer

This new one is a 'New' used computer that was given to me by a friend. It's a Via C7-D 1.5ghz which interests me due to is low power consumption. I am wanting to build out a low power PC that can be used as a web browser, Skype & security system in the garage. I also want to hook up and arduino or three to control the solar hot air fan. Long term, I want to run this machine on solar panels.

I have a 8GB microSD card that my wife's cell phone hates. I tried to get things running off of that, but it seems too far gone. Next, was a CDROM drive which also worked poorly.

Last I tried my 8GB Cruzer thumb drive, which appears to be a success.

I am wanting to play with it some more, but it's late and the NyQuil is dragging me down.

In album

Turning the computer on with a knife. Yeah, I am THAT guy….

Trying to get the computer to boot. First try is a fail.