My First day of building my MakerGear RepRap Prusa Mendel was a blast! I told work…

My First day of building my MakerGear RepRap Prusa Mendel was a blast! I told work that I was going to be on MakeCation when it arrived so I was able to stay up late. It took me a while to clean up the LaBOREtory so I can assemble the kit, but once I got going I was chugging along!

I printed out the 'main' instructions on paper and had the 'delta' instructions up on screen and went through and highlighted the step numbers on the main instructions sheets that I needed to reference the alternate instructions. This way I didn't skip any important changes.

The kit owner was on IIRC and answered a couple of trivial questions. I made notes so I can compile all my questions and the right answers and feed them back to get an instruction update for the next person that goes through the process.

At 1 am, I did have a stumper of a question – which was I grabbed the wrong bag of parts and they didn't fit where I was trying to put them. I figured it was a good time to quit at that point.

I have a video at

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She finds a box and makes a chair out of it. That’s an expensive box there girly… get off!

Peace offering for the wife!

My MakerGear RepRap Prusa Mendal kit pieces all laid out nice and neat…

Assembled A Frame

Assembled Frame


Winter Wonderland´╗┐

Winter Wonderland

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I woke up this morning to this view of my back yard. Such a winter wonderland!

Of course, that means the front yard looks like this… 6 inches of snow and a new snow berm at the end of the driveway.

It looks a tad snowed in…

All the trees are laden with snow.

I love the snow-tree tunnels that form on days like this.

The trucklet drove right out of the driveway with no problems.

The roads are clear. I only saw 1 spun out car in the ditch. Looked like a former unmarked police car.


The Rocket Mass Heater/Forge is again operational

I had picked up some black stove pipe last night so I could finish the heater tonight. I used the 55 gallon barrel my neighbor got for me. I assembled it tonight so I can measure the proper height for the heat riser. While it was assembled, I figured I ought to fire it up to test it. It smokes around the brickwork, but I kinda expected that as it's pretty much wide open with all the gaps. I will need to take it half apart to put in the full height heat riser and plug all the gaps somehow.

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I cut two holes in the lid of the barrel.

The back hole is the exhaust side. The front tube is the heat riser. The curled bits help center the outer part of the heat riser.

The outer heat riser slips over the metal tabs.

The insulated heat riser. This is too short by about 1/3rd.

The space between the two are insulated. Perlite, ashes, coke, clinkers and a bit of wood ashes.

The Rocket Mass Heater running with an open hearth.

Smoke runs up the side of the barrel. I need to seal up the masonry.

The fire and smoke goes up the heat riser as it’s supposed to!