Bella and I made a small patio for the garbage and recycling bins today

First, we had a big lunch of Beef Summer Sauasage, cheese, & crackers. Bella loves the sausage and crackers as you can see.

Than we laid down a few extra blocks and bricks to make a better spot for the garbage cans.

We are usually pretty good about not having much trash on any given week, but every now and then we can fill the cans and they get really heavy and they are annoying to lift up onto the sidewalk.

Now they will just roll onto the sidewalk.

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Crackers need to be shoved into the face with great flair!

Sausage is to be bitten in half and shoved into one’s face.

This is the correct method to ‘shove’.

Half built garbage patio.

The inspector checking out the masonry work. The ‘pounce’ test is about to be performed.

‘Pounce’ test was succesful, now for the ‘marching’ test.

So far all tests have proven a success, now for the visual inspection.

Telling mommy what she’s done!

3 bricks short. Hrmm, what to do???

We will just need to put the garbage cans really close together.

This is just about right!

Yep, perfect placement!

Now, to walk around the can without falling off!


My first home made object is a mason jar funnel for pressure canning

I even uploaded it to thingiverse!

It took me a couple of tries to get it to export correctly out of Google Sketchup. I made it as a solid object and 'cheated' by printing it with no solid layers or infill so it just did the perimeter.

This is done in PLA (which is supposedly food safe) with 2 perimeter layers. It's a bit fragile, but if treated gently works well enough.

If I where to guess, i'd say this one cost me less than a buck to make, while the store bought ones are a couple of bucks to buy. They are sturdier than this one, but mine is a test so I made it 'cheap'.

I wanted to try the oval shaped top as I think round top funnels are never wide enough for me. It seemed to work well.

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My funnel in an empty jar

The shape is supposed to make it easier to poor things into the funnel.

Lots of jars to fill.

The jars filled easily. Leftover supper is getting put up for lunch over the next few weeks. Just practicing with the pressure caner. I love my cast iron too!

Easy does it!

Loaded up my jars in short order!