I am excited that there is a new RepRap in my neighborhood

Somebody contacted me via http://www.makexyz.com/printer/creuzerm and asked to have some parts printed. My prices where stupid high, so I gave him a 'fellow maker' discount and dropped my listed prices down, closer to reality – still high though. I don't want to print other peoples parts every day.

We where a bit surprised with the site's markup. Worked out to be 55%! Not sure if I was near a minimum value which gets a higher rate, because of the steep discount different from the auto-quote, or what. I couldn't find rates on the website.

I can't seem to find some of the notification features listed on the site description, like part finished, part shipped, etc. Otherwise, so far, the site works well for both of us. Able to move files back and forth, easy invoicing.

I consider my prints 'good' but not great, as I have some Z wobble isolater issues and a bit of dimensional squeezing. He said that my parts are much better than those on his used machine he acquired. I am a bit that concerned people are passing off very rough, badly worn, used machines. Doesn't make for a good impression on the hobby.

Excited that my printer made parts for another printer. 

In album 2013-07-17