Watching Punkin Chunkin with my youngest

So to make it real for her and more fun for me, I printed a catapult on my RepRap. That little machine makes TV much more interesting.

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My 3d printer printing out a Catapult.

My 1 year old playing with a catapult during the Punkin Chunkin show! I think she likes it!

Sit STILL kid! I am trying to take a photo of you!

Catapult set all done printing. The really wide brim and several layer tall skirt help me print ABS on glass.

The  wide brim ties all the pieces together and ends up working like a sprue and all the bits stay together! Granted, now I have to cut all the pieces away from the brim.

She loved the feet. Probably because it’s the pieces I handed to her first as they are big enough to not be a choke hazard.

She’s figuring out how to make it work.

A fun toy daddy!

See! I told you we where watching it on TV!


I have had a belt for over 10 years

It's getting pretty tired. I've been looking for a replacement for about a year, but haven't found one I like at a price I am willing to pay.

So I made one. Tandy leather has a Steampunk Belt Blank. I bought it on their recent 'gold' sale. I also got some neatsfoot oil and black dye to finish the belt.

I dyed it and distressed it so it looks good to me.  All black, subtle tooling, yet some contrast so more than a casual glance will show how awesome the pattern really is.

Now to forge a belt buckle… I love making stuff!

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The parts I bought to make my belt. Oil, Dye, and a belt blank.

2nd round of dying. The deeper stamping is dyed a 2nd time for a deeper color.

You can see how badly stretched my old belt is. It’s necking down in a couple of spots and is just generally tired.

Detail of the distressing vs the straight dyed leather.

First round of dying.

Tried to do a panoramic of my old belt and new belt.

Top to bottom. Old belt, dyed belt end cut, dyed & distressed belt.

I 'caught the bug' and decided to make my own moccasins

I was going to buy a kit from Tandy when the kits where on sale, but didn't. I got the bits to make a belt instead. I decided to make a custom fit set instead. My feet are kinda Yetti shaped, so custom fit works better. I spent a few evenings over a week or so to get these put together.

I love the Internet. Plans, videos, etc. I've made a single pair, now I can do it without any references.

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Test fitting my first Moccasin.

Took a couple of evenings to make these.

They even match!

This is the bits of scrap left over from making the footwear. Not too much waste.

It kinda sort fits!

This tab is supposed to be sewn up to for the heal, but I think I am going to leave it loose. I teach tracking courses, and this will totally mess up the students.

Nice footwear I think.

Insides have no seams.

The tools to make the 2nd par. My pocket knife, a needle, & a stick.

Flash on this photo.

You can see the marks on the right side for cutting the spot for my foot to go in.

All laced up.

The backs have been cut with little flaps to break a track.

I like my new moccasins.