Working on some cell phone holders for the cars

My wife's is a magnetic stand. I am building in wireless charging and NFC. Just place the phone in the stand, and the apps she wants will turn on automatically and it will do what she wants. Trying to make it really easy to use.

Mine won't be magnetic, but will function as a dash cam.

In album Wireless cell phone car charger

It is working. The mount holds the phone. A wire loop holds the phone from falling and the magnetic top holds it in the stand.

The magnetic base probably can’t hold the phone up from the end and not the center – the moment would be too great. Hoping this works.

This is a prototype for my next phone stand. THis one is not magnetic, but holds the phone in portrait mode so I can use it for a dash-cam. The phone sits in the two upper big clips. This helped me work out where on the dash I want the phone to sit and how far from the windshield.

Not sure how many times a Make magazine gets used for making stuff… literally.

Parts. Parts and supplies. I love parts and supplies. Wire and Tape and wireless chargers and stuff…

I used a drill press and a nibbler to cut this shoddy hole in the metal plate.

A Qi wireless charger is part of the hanger. This makes the stand even cooler. Just place the phone on the base, and it charges. Also, on the top, you can see an NFC tag.

Here you can see the NFC tag at the top of the stand. Run the phone past the tag and the apps used in the car are turned on.

One touch magic!