The Essential Calvin Blog: Breeding in the Fish Tank

The Essential Calvin Blog: Breeding in the Fish Tank

My last college roomate’s mom’s Angel Fish laid eggs this last weekend (talk about 7 degrees…). Her tank must be boring, as they laid the eggs on the glass in the corner. Last report is that the eggs haven’t been eaten yet. It looks like she is going to have to figure out how to get rid of baby Angel Fish now!

If you look at her fish’s top fins, you can tell that they where raised in a small (short) tank. The fins roll back instead of standing up nice and straight like my Angel’s fins do. If the fish are raised in a larger tank, they get the nice, straight fins.

New background on the Fish Tank

Angel Fish and Amazon Sword Plants

I had a busy day with the fishtank today. I cleaned the tank. I shuffled the pumps and filters around. I made a black backdrop for the tank.

Angel Fish and filter equipment

Here you can see some of my filter equipment. I moved it to the side instead of hanging off the back. I wanted to make room for the backdrop to hang free, away from the glass on the tank.

My Angel Fish and Cardinal Tetras in my Amazon Sword Planted Tank

The black backdrop is actually made out of cloth. I was thinking of doing some embrodery on it. That just seems like WAY too much work for what I am going to get out of it. I am not fond of the black, myself. I think I am going to make a new one, airbrushing brown fabric die onto a piece of cloth so it is darker on the bottom then on top.

My Angel Fish and Cardinal Tetras in my Amazon Sword Planted Tank

The dark backdrop really does make the photos turn out nice. Now just to get a tank that isn’t all scratched up…

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Loving your Aquarium a little too much….

You know how they say that you need to do regular water changes and all that good stuff… Well, I usually don’t. I tend to change things very slowly (including the water, heh). Well, the new light hood really sparked my interest into the tank again. I have been poking and prodding and basically loving my tank to death. During the peak of the Angel Fish Spawning, my PH was down to about 6, so I thought to raise it up a bit. A couple of partial water changes and a small handfull of crushed coral into the filter and the PH is now right at 7. The angel fish quit breeding and the tank looks terrible.

icky nasty algie overgrown live planted fish tank

I think I may have over-fertalized the fish tank. I have not had serious trouble with green algie on the glass on this tank before, and now I am scrubbing it off weekly. It is even growing on the leaves of the plants. I have not had problems with black hair algie except for setting up new tanks, and now it is overgrowing my tank!

Heavily pruned live plant aquarium to remove algie and damaged foliage

Another heavy hand at the pruning. Well, I think this could be considerd a case of weeding my aquarium. Many of the leaves where just nasty looking. The tips basically just rotted right off, green algie everywhere, and the whole thing covered in black hairs of algie. Yuck.

Lesson learned. Don’t love your aquarium to death.

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Angel Fish spawning, round 3!

Angel Fish EggsWell, this is the 3rd spawning now. I think I an not unhappy that the last spawning lasted about 2 days before the eggs where gone, and the one prior to that didn’t make the night. I would have WAY too many mouths to feed.

I have a new game for you, how many eggs are there! The first person who gets the right answer… saved me from counting all them little white dots. Posted by Picasa