The Essential Calvin Blog: Breeding in the Fish Tank

The Essential Calvin Blog: Breeding in the Fish Tank My last college roomate’s mom’s Angel Fish laid eggs this last weekend (talk about 7 degrees…). Her tank must be boring, as they laid the eggs on the glass in the corner. Last report is that the eggs haven’t been eaten yet. It looks like she […]

New background on the Fish Tank

I had a busy day with the fishtank today. I cleaned the tank. I shuffled the pumps and filters around. I made a black backdrop for the tank. Here you can see some of my filter equipment. I moved it to the side instead of hanging off the back. I wanted to make room for […]

Loving your Aquarium a little too much….

You know how they say that you need to do regular water changes and all that good stuff… Well, I usually don’t. I tend to change things very slowly (including the water, heh). Well, the new light hood really sparked my interest into the tank again. I have been poking and prodding and basically loving […]

Angel Fish spawning, round 3!

Well, this is the 3rd spawning now. I think I an not unhappy that the last spawning lasted about 2 days before the eggs where gone, and the one prior to that didn’t make the night. I would have WAY too many mouths to feed. I have a new game for you, how many eggs […]