Savonious VAWT windmill aquarium pump prototype

I made a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine today. It was supposed to pump air, but never quite got that far. The idea came about from a discussion on a website I am on about aquaponics. Yes, I made an indoor windmill. Stop laughing. Please. No, really, stop laughing! I am using the air coming out […]

Aquaponics Solids Lifting Siphon Overflow Box AKA Johnny Jump Box

It all started with a chat on the homepage of with Johnny and Paul. Johnny¬† said he was trying to figure out how to make a solids lifting siphon overflow box. Now, at first I didn’t think it could be done – having built a weir siphon overflow box in the past. But than […]

Gutter repair

One of the goals for my new house is a large garden. But I don’t want to pay to water the garden (never mind what the chlorine in city water does to the soil and plants) so I want to water out of rain barrels. But, first the gutters need to be in working order […]

DIY Bell Siphon for Ebb and Flow Aquaponics with 75 gallon Aquarium

I had a rough week this last week, so I decided I needed to build something. So I built a bell siphon for an ebb and flow grow bed (also called Flood and Drain grow bed_ for the 75 gallon fish tank in the living room. This will allow me to grow plants using the […]

DIY Homemade Hydroponics Basket Pot

I decided to try setting up a bit of hydroponics tonight. Actually, it’s aquaponics, because it’s based off of my fish tank. I am having a bit of algae problems on the 75 gallon tank. I am hoping that growing some basil out of the tank will help soak up some of the nutrients and […]