Shorted out substation.

Just my luck, I get up early, to play with my new server uptime monitor I made last night, and the change in pase caused me to leave my cell phone at home when I left for work.

I stop at 7-Eleven for my cheese danish and Arizona Green Tea, and wouldn’t you know it, the electrical substation across the street blows up! I don’t have a camera with me to take pictures.

It was actually pretty cool watching it. I saw a cable start to fall from a power pole and was thinking it was going to fall into the street. About that time, it hit the fence around the substation. I was inside the store, with the doors closed, and I felt the concussion of that first short. A really nice flash that extended out across the substation. Loud booming, lights in the store flickering. Lots of fun.

The cable swung out, away from the fence, and the lights came on in the store. The cable swung back into the fence, and I got a repeat of the show. No concussion like with the first short, but a good light show. The lights went out in the store again.

It did this about 3 times, and then the power went out in the store. Everybody was talking about it in the store. My only comment was ‘my server just went down’. There was a private security person getting her morning caffiene, she called 911 on her cell. The backup systems didn’t come up in the store, so the store manager ushered us out, letting the people with coffee just go, without paying. I paid for my tea and donut with cash. They locked the door behind me.

My boss drove by just as a fire truck was showing up, and he said it shorted out again. Another gal watched a different substation short out – she called in.

I was quite happy to see the fountain under the building (That’s right, my buiilding is built OVER a reflecting pool for some strange reason) was running when I pulled in. The poweer fickered a lot. One gal thought she did something, as she plugged the coffee machine in at the same time the power went out.

I hope they don’t have to bring the whole substation down in order to repair the downed line.

I wish I had my cell phone so I could have taken a photo!

Home Made CO2 Reactor

My friend Matt flew in yesterday from Arizona. We ended up going to Big Al’s pet store. We where looking at the planted tank accessories, and noticed that they want $130 for a CO2 Reactor. We put one together for under $40.

A CO2 Reactor is a device used with planted tanks that will help push Carbon Dioxide into the aquarium water. Plants LOVE carbon dioxide. It is a major fertilizer.

Here are the $40 worth of parts I needed to make my Homemade CO2 Reactor. These parts include a couple of Siphon aquarium Cleaners, some Bio-Balls, airline tubing and couplers, and an Eheim Filter part I used for a water line splice.

We disasembled one of the aquarium siphons and attached the hose to the other siphon. These are Python brand siphons, they are fitted by compression – no glue, so just pull hard, they will come apart. There are enough bio-balls inside to completely fill the tube.

Here Matt and I are leak-testing the Do It Yourself CO2 Reactor in my bathroom. We hooked it up to my Ehiem Canistor Filter, ran it into a bucket of water, and turned it on. Can you believe? It works! Only a minor leak too!

Here you can see the CO2 Reactor installed on my fish tank. I wanted it to be visable, so I mounted it right up front. I just think this gadget looks so darn cool!

More complete assembly details to be coming soon. Posted by Picasa