Home Made Rabbitcore Embedded Microcontroller Server Uptime Monitor

I have been having trouble with some web servers going down on me in the middle of the night. I decided I had enough, and am going to make a Server Up-time Monitor. Now, I could dust off one of the old computers I got laying around here (heaven knows I got enough of them), […]

The Rabbitcore Embedded Microcontroller Automatic Fish Feeder works! I even have a video to prove it.

Here is the front view of the feeder hooked up to my Rabbitcore Embedded Microcontroller. The Rabbitcore will eventually completely operate the fish feeder. It will also run the lights, and take the ambient temperature as well. I am going to have the fish feeder to feed 3 times a day on a tight schedule, […]

Daily-Double II Automatic Fish Feeder

Here is the automatic fish feeder that I like. They are fairly in-expensive if you buy them at Wal-Mart, usually between $10 and $12. Don’t get them at a petstore as they are usually $25 to $30! All they are is a Quartz Clock movement that rotates a feeder drum. The will feed the fish […]