I picked up a new 'backpack' this weekend

227 grams, without the two dinky water bottles it came with. It's going to be challenging to get a 3 day trek into this itty bitty waist bag. Warm weather trips only. My last weekend trek last fall, water became a problem, so this is probably a bit water-focused. I am making 2 leather pouches […]

Overnight trip. 10 mile hike in and out Late September, Chicago 'burbs

Water bottle carrier as the 'backpack'.* Water bottle* SOL 2 person space blanket* .7mil plastic sheeting* Airline wool blend blanket* Stainless camp cup* Mason cord* Rain coat I quick overnighter to a place a buddy has access to. Crazy lightweight, but I know the area, so I know there are cattails nearby to make a […]

Exploring the weights of the gear I used last week in the back yard

I measured the weights after I packed it all up and am about to shove it into a backpack for storage. So the weights are of everything I used, and a little bit more in the case of the shelter 'kit'. I am not counting the weight of the shovel & long rope I ended […]