Bella printed a missing part for one of her toys.

I got a text today saying Bella needed a part for one of her toys printed. This got me pretty excited. My 3 year old is developing problem solving skills. It’s not that Dad will fix it, but what tools he will use too. So we decided to make a new part for her toy. […]

Printing tools to make a toybox

I made something to help me make something. If this trend continues, I can see a dangerous chain of events occurring at some far point in the future. A friend of mine and I designed on a napkin (Actually, it may have been a white board, but bear with me) some corner brackets so we can use simple ratchet […]

I printed some z wobble minimisers and installed them tonight I had to leave half way through the print, so I paused the job and powered down the heaters. The print finished ok when i powered the heaters back up, leaving a big blob where the nozzle had sat. Need to lift the nozzle off of the part or something. Last time I tried […]