My ‘new’ tent looks to be a nice one

I love Freecycle. I picked up a tent a couple of years back, and finally pitched it this weekend. I was told it was broken when I picked it up, so that’s why I’ve waited so long to pitch it. I needed an excuse to want to mess with it. The excuse is that I […]


I went camping this weekend with some college buddies. We had a blast! The weather was good. A bit stormy driving up, and it rained pretty good the last night. One of the tents packed up that last night and cut out early. They always leave first thing the last day anyhow I am told, […]

Another Cool Gadget

All right, you should know me by now. I love cool stuff. I stumbled across an item at Walmart (I should really quit going there, it’s getting expensive) that I just had to have. In fact, I left it there, told my mom about it on the phone after I got home, and decided that […]