New light hood for the planted tank.

Photo of both tanks showing how much brighter the planted tank is with the new light hood.

Well, Yesterday I went out and bought a light hood for the planted tank. I must say, it is really nice. I got a Coralife Deluxe Series Double Linear Strip 6700k 65 watt light fixture plus legs so I can set it above the tank like how I prefer to run my planted tanks. I must say this thing is bright. In the photo at left, you can see how bright it really is. It has 2 plugs so I can run both lamps independantly if I wanted to plug them each into their own timer.

The new light hood give so much light that you can see the oxygen bubbles coming off the plant leaves

My plants LOVE having so much light. If you look closely, you can see a string of little oxygen bubbles rising up off one of the leaves. This formed about 20 minutes after I had turned on both lamps. After an hour or so, and a refill and shake of my CO2 bottles, I now have at least a dozen leaves giving off streams of oxygen bubbles. The plants seem to leave streams of bubbles where there is damage to a leaf, a hole or a tear or something like that. A lot of the other leaves are forming little bubbles on the underside of the leaves. It doesn’t look near as impressive, but it is still really cool.

A photo of the left side of my tank.

I was worried that the fish where going to be really shy with the lights being so bright. But it doesn’t seem to be bothering them. A little food, and they are back to their normal, nippy, playful selves. My Pleco is even out right now “sunning” as I type this.

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Here is where I run the hose from my CO2 bottles into my Eheim canister filter. The canister filter holds the CO2 in the water for a lot longer than any other way I know of. This greatly helps getting the CO2 to diffuse into the water. I used one of the nipples that come with the really thin air hose to splice it with the thicker hoses. I drilled a small hole in the center ot the green plastic sheild and stuck the nipple into the filter pickup. The canister filter pump breaks up the bubbles into tiny little bubbles that stay in the tank for a while even after they are pumped back into it. Posted by Picasa

These are the 2 CO2 bottles that I use for injecting the gas into my planted fishtank. They contain water, about a half cup of sugar, and bread yeast. I have to so I can alternate which one I change every weekend and get a more even flow of carbon dioxide into the tank. I have the little orange bread tag to tell me what one I changed last. Each bottle is good for about 2 weeks, but they peter out nearer the end, so it works out well to have both of them going. I used the juice bottles because I read somewhere that people have had their pumps suck the sugar water right out of soda bottles, collapsing the thinner plastic. Posted by Picasa