Mom, why did you email me your weather?

Cold… it was 45 in my kitchen this morning. I went and bought some fish tank heaters for my aquariums last night, but the water was so cold that I am afraid to use them. I am concerned that the heaters will warm the tanks up so fast that it may kill the fish. Fish don’t like drastic temperature changes and I am looking at 15-20 degrees or even more in how ever fast it takes the little heater to work.

It looks to be warming back up a bit for this weekend. So maybe if I am lucky I won’t end up with fishcicles.

It’s Freezing Cold

Well, it’s a Cold day in January! It is freezing cold out. Literally. 32 degrees outside right now.

That means it’s in the mid 50s in the barn, where I live.

The cats where all curled up with me last night. Normally sister sleeps at the foot of the bed, but her and brother where curled up tight last night.

I am curious as to how cold it will be in the bathroom tomorrow morning.