Twitter Updates for 2012-07-04

  • No power yet. We are camping out in the nice cool basement. Love my LED lanterns. Neighbors lent us some LED candles which are great too. #
  • Power just came back on! Love the power. Still going to camp out in the basement. #
  • Trying to sort out baby names. Bella likes Becky. It's the only one she repeated that I can spell. BECKY BECKS BECKA #
  • Bella's running around sans diaper for some reason. She just peed on the floor. She has better range than I do. #AWE #GETTINGOLD #FACEPALM #


Twitter Updates for 2012-04-02

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A couple dozen new blacksmithing photos from today

I made something kinda cool today too! It kinda didn't turn out half bad.

In album Blacksmithing (81 photos)

Bricks lining an old gas grill to make a forge.
Using the holey bricks as a Turyere to provide air to the charcoal.
An iron in the fire!
The blower on to make the fire very very hot.

That's a hot bit of metal
A hot forge fire

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Twitter Updates for 2010-11-25

  • I just love technology! Telepresense in real life is almost as cool as the stuff they write in books. I sure am living in exciting times. #
  • When yesterday was in the 60s, its amazing how cold 19 degrees is. #
  • Nothing like hosting a webinar for the office on my day off. Gotta keep the big people happy. #
  • Painting ceilings suck. At least its warm in my dad's shop. It's almost 85 in here. Oohps. At least the paint is drying fast. #
  • It is such a pain in the neck trying to hack into my own computer. It's evedently not correctly set up for remote administration. #
  • Tempurepedic just said to ask people on social media how they like their bed. Anybody actually have one? Effective advertisment? #