New hot water heater

So, I woke up this morning, go to get in to the shower, and it’s COLD.
I waited, no hot water. I thought nothing of it, I was running late, so no shower this morning.
On my way out the door, I hear running water behind the door that I assume is going downstairs. Again, tired, no shower, I thought nothing of it.

I come home for lunch, and look what I see next to the dumpster.
My hot water heater next to the dumpster
junk hot water heater
It looks like it is toast. All rotted out in the bottom. It has my unit number on it. I turned my water on, and it spit and sputtered at me. So, it looks like I got a new hot water heater today.

House coming down

So the house was torn down this last week.

Not much to say, the pictures tell it all.

 This is why us kids want our folks to build here – even with the heavy equipment, dumpster, and pile of rubble, just look at that yard.

 Beauty amidst the destruction.