marble chess aquarium decoration

I was at a thrift store last weekend, and found this lousy marble chess set for $3.83. Square cut pieces, lots of chips and broken off bits, but it was all there.
I thought it would be perfect in one of my fish tanks.

What do you think?
Chess setup inside an aquarium
Chess setup inside an aquarium
The cat getting ready to make his next aquarium chess move
The cat getting ready to make his next aquarium chess move
The Oscar vs the Cat in an epic aquarium chess battle!
The Oscar vs the Cat in an epic aquarium chess battle!

Homemade Aqaurium Weir Siphon Overflow Box

First off, what is the world is an aquarium weir siphon overflow box?

Well, everyone knows what an aquarium is, and that I like my fish tanks!
Most people are familiar with a siphon – a hose that allows you to drain water out of a container over the side of the container.
A weir is basically a long dam where the water overflows for the full length of the dam.
An overflow box is a type of aquarium filter.

So, basically, I am making a dam, that siphons water out of a fish tank.
The neat thing about doing it this way, is that the siphon won’t ‘break’ when the water level gets too low, as the weir (or dam) will hold the siphon. Quite a clever setup actually. I wish I had thought of it.
I read about this probably well over a year ago. I did a quick search, and found the same site!

So, with a quick look over their instructions, I completely disregarded them as to measurements, and made up my own. I just wanted the concept.

So, after much scientific analysis, here are my measurements. Yeah, Yeah, I mocked it up in cardboard. I did actually take a measurement! I measured the inside of my 4″x4″x4′ nano tank. The idea is that I will make a ‘stream’ fish tank like nobody else has!

So, from the 1 measurement, I made it square, as an overflow box MUST be BOX shaped, or it’s an overflow rectangle, and, well, we just can’t have that. I started cutting away at my plastic.

This is a high-precision operation I run hear. Silicone my tolerances! I taped the two sides together, and cut them with a coping saw.

After many long, excruciating seconds calculating the flow rate for the whole contraption, I just held the damn thing up to the tank and eyeballed how high I wanted the water to be in the tank and made the weir element that tall.

Here you can see the start of the inside of the siphon element. You can start to see the difficulties assembly will incur, due to the various bits and pieces getting in the way of sealing the seams. It can really only be assembled from the inside out and be able to be sealed. (high tolerances, remember?)

This is what the completed unit would look like. It’s just taped together here, waiting to be cut apart and glued together.

This is what it looks like hanging on the side of the tank. Pretty cool looking, I think. I need to add the outflow pipes yet. But you can get the idea. The water will overflow the weir on the right side, inside the aquarium. The water will be siphoned over to the left side, where it will overflow the second weir into the outflow box.

Remember those high tolerances. Yeah, you know, measure twice, cut once. Don’t let the ruler slide around as you cut. I have a leak. I turned the thing upside down, and filled the siphon area to see if it will hold water. Nope, my work ‘sucks’ air. No worry. 100% Aquarium silicone to seal up the leak. **grin**

Final Details

The final details of a long trip take a lot out of a person. Especially when unplanned stuff happens.
 Dad and I tore the trailer apart and repacked all the bearings, replaced a broken wheel stud, and put on a spare tire. Better safe then sorry.

 My folks gave Katie and I a chest freezer for our wedding. How cool is that (I love that pun). Problem though. The one end is all smashed in. It took 7 different Walmarts before I found the same freezer to exchange it with. The new freezer works great!

 Found a dresser on freecycle. The closet worked for one person, but two isn’t going to fly. This dresser fits in it’s spot perfectly, and doubles as a nightstand for that side of the bed. Brother had never seen a tall dresser before. He was curious.

 A friend of mine gave me 2 aquariums. So, they needed to be moved out of a basement, and into the apartment. I even asked permission first. 🙂 Isn’t she wonderful to let me have these fish tanks?

I am all packed. Cat & Fish sitter is understanding his duties. No, Brother, he is NOT a scratching post.

So, with this blog post, I am powering off the computer for two weeks. Follow me on Twiiter for updates.

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Timelapse vidoe of me moving my stuff in.

Here is a time lapse video of Katie and I moving my stuff in.
The time of no activity near the beginning is when I was taking the tarp off and untying the load. This video is over the course of 4 and a half hours.

I am happy to report that the fish tanks survived the trip! The trailer and the tarp are the worse for wear. I have to weld up the trailer some from when the spare tire tried to fall off. The tarp is basically a loss. I expected this though.

The cats are loving the new jungle gym!

My New Place

 I am moving out of a million+ dollar mansion on the Intercoastal in Fort Lauderdale into this place and couldn’t be happier. I know people tend to bounce from one extreme to the opposite before they settle somewhere in the middle, and my new place is ON A DIRT ROAD!
 I have moved and set up my two fish tanks in my new living room. The TV tank goes into the entertainment center, and the 29 gallon planted tank goes between the bedroom and bathroom doors. There is a lot of other stuff in the room as the bedroom is getting a new tile floor put in.
 This is the first load of stuff I hauled up in my new truck. It’s amazing what can be crammed into a truck.
 This is the same corner after the second load. Only about half the stuff got dropped here.

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