Cat Food Tray

My cat, Brother, has a habit that drives my wife crazy. He scoops the food out of his feeder, onto the floor and eats it off the floor. Well, some of it.


 So I made a cat food tray to put the feeder on top of. It will catch the food and allow us to pour it back into the feeder.

 Not to bad for not taking any measurements. It’s a tad long, but not too bad.

 And he likes it. It’s gonna frustrate him to no end, but he will eat off of it.

Making a FIFO canned food storage auto-rotating shelving rack.

Yesterday I made a shelf for some canned food. I have been eyeballing the soda in the beverage gliders at the local convenience store. After talking to the manager a few times, he said he would see if he could get some for me. Yesterday, we stopped in, and SCORE! He had half a dozen.

So, I started making the canned goods slider.

Plexiglass and straightedge
Brother supervising my cutting of the acrylic sheeting

I started with an old piece of plexi I had left over from my college days. It used to be the top to a home-made desk. I used it because it’s nice and thick.

Rough layout of the DIY food shelf rack
Trying to fit the shelves into the space that works well with the size of the plexi

Here I am trying to figure out what angle they need to be to work correctly.

initial testing the food shelf roller rack
The first try was a failure

I tried it out. Dismal failure. Not only did the tape let go – silly me for using painters tape, but the angles and heights where all wrong.

Assembled Can Roller Rack
layed out can roller rack

Here I have it set up with the right angles and heights. There needs to be a good angle with plenty of distance between the two so you an slip the can in back, and be able to pull it out up front.

riveted the parts together
See the rivet sticking out? The plastic riveted together well.

I riveted the whole thing together. The rivets have a nice, smooth head that doesn’t stick out very far. Bolts, screws, etc. would have given me fits to go through the sides like this. I would have needed to bolt up hardware on the bottom.

One side riveted on. The other side will keep the cans from wanting to fall out.

One side done! Lots of rivets. You see that it holds the cans up, but without the other side, it wants to tip out.

marking drill lines so the holes line up well
Neatness counts

Marking out the drill holes for the other side. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but lining up all the holes makes it look better.

Finished home made canned good rotation shelf
Load it in back, pull from the front. Sweetness!

Here it is all done. I zip-tied it to my metal shelf that hold the rest of my canned food.

I really like whole thing. It cleared up a lot of space on my shelving. It allows me to automatically rotate my canned food so it doesn’t expire before I get to eating it.

Kitten Update

Well, I think I shall start off with a video of the cuteness.

I am not sure why, but the audio is poor on these videos.

Anyway. The kittens are now eating solid food. I started mixing in kitten food with the regular food so Brother doesn’t get all fat eating it. Solid food means solid waste. Little poops scattered throughout my apartment. They also found the water dish to go with the dry food. They LOVE that water fountain! Lots of water late at night means that they wet the bed. The upside to this is that I am now sleeping with fresh sheets every night… They seem to be getting better about using the litter box. I now have 2 little poops and lots of peepees in the little kitten litter box.

Progress is Progress.

Brother went to the vet today. Yep brother is now Unique… er… Eunuch. He can’t say I didn’t warn him… Not that he understands much more English then his name. Poor dude. I feel bad for him, but it is funny at the same time. I guess it can be argued (I got on argument sitting in my lap mewling at me) that he got to sew his wild oats. There are 2 little kittens that are just as much sweathearts as he is – even with his trying to rip my hand off and everything.

Speaking of my hand. It is getting much better. It is about all healed up, just a nasty looking set of marks that likes to change funny colors at times.

Kittens hiding again.

So, I come home for a short lunch break – we had pizza at the office today, to check on the kittens. The cats are like ‘FEED ME’ – they can see the back of their food hopper. You would think that starvation is eminent, while they have 2 days of food left yet.

Sister had hidden her cats over the night, and it took me a while to find them this morning. I am glad I did, because they where in a bad situation, Sister couldn’t get to them to feed them. I remedied that by removing a shelf. Confused yet? Watch the video!

Let me know if you like this new video format for my blog.