New Fish – Oscars!

With the recent changes in my life, comes a difference in opinion on what ‘cool’ fish are. Me, I love watching dozens of Neon Tetras schooling from one side of a large tank to the other. I’ve been told that little fish are boring, and that the tank in the living room needs fish big […]

Ikea is opening up near me!

I LOVE Ikea. I have been to several, the one in Schamburg Ill. (Thanks Brian) and the one in the Twin Cities MN. You wouldn’t believe the excitement I had when I saw an ad for Ikea Orlando. Guess where I saw the ad… On my very own blog of all places. I love Google […]

The operation was a success, but the patient died.

 The old iMac bit the big one last weekend. It didn’t make the trip from Boynton Beach into Fort Lauderdale a year and a half ago, and it just sat on a dresser all that while. It would power on, and power off almost instantly, I never could get it to boot. I pulled the hard […]

2 weeks notice.

So, 2 weeks ago today, I gave my 2 weeks notice at work. My last day is April 15th (so the 13th really). Confused Yet? From the announcement email that went out to staff from the CEO. It is with a sense of deep regret that I have accepted effective April 15th, 2007 the resignation […]