Home again

Home Again, Home Again,
Clickety Clack!

Well, I am home. Talk about a wirlwind!
I have photos! Boy do I ever. I will be posting them here over the next week or so. I gotta sort them and caption them and whatnot. Not wanting to do it today…

Dreading going back to work tomorrow!.

Katie’s Family on Vacation

I went up to Clearwater Florida this last weekend. Katie and her family had their annual vacation. They rent a condo on the beach for a week.

I was sick most of the weekend. What a bummer! Katie went out and got a thermometor at Walgreens and I had a temp of 100.7 at one point. Katie thinks it was higher then that before she got it. How miserable! Drive all the way up there, and I couldn’t even enjoy myself. I wasn’t well enough to drive home Sunday night. I missed work on Monday. I managed to drag myself home Monday afternoon.

What all did we do. In no particular order… I spent half the time sleeping. We did a little shopping. You should try wandering around Walmart when you can hardly stand up. It’s is a lot of fun all those people bumping and jostling. We ended up sitting outside for about 20 minutes before I could make it to the car. Katie drove us home. We got caught in road construction and sat in the heat for a full half an hour! I was watching the clock. Sunday I was feeling better in the morning so we went swimming. I tried dunking her brother Andy. I didn’t do very well at that, but he had a hard time dunking me too, so I feel a little better about myself. I got sunburnt. I think I over exerted myself, because after lunch I started to get ill again. Uhm, we went to the mall. We went to John’s Pass, Katie bought me a really cool wolf scene hand made candle. Uhm, Katie and I went for a walk on the beach.

That is about all I can remember at twenty to tomarrow.

Katie and 2 of her neices Amber and Kayla.<= Katie and 2 of her neices Amber and Kayla. Katie and her Mom.Katie and her Mom. =>

Brother Todd, Sister Angela, Neices Kayla and Brianna futzing with a photo booth after lunch at the mall.<= Brother Todd, Sister Angela, Neices Kayla and Brianna futzing with a photo booth after lunch at the mall. Some of her family playing in the pool.Some of her family playing in the pool. => .

My home made TV Aquarium

TV tank - a fish tank made out of an old TVHere is an ok shot of my TV tank. The photo doesn’t really do it justice, it is so busy in the photo you can’t hardly see any fish. You don’t see any of the baby guppies. On the plus side, you don’t see all the algae spots on the inside face of the tank either.
Coolie LoachMost people never see their Coolie Loaches. I see mine regularly, just never with them free swimming. They are always tucked away in the little rock pile I made for them in the front left corner of the tank – I see their tails more often then there heads. Here you can see him poking his head out.
Both my planted tank and my TV tankYou can see both my tanks here. Notice the bottom tank is darker then the top tank. This shouldn’t be. My poor plants probably think that the Sun-Gods have forsaken them, and left them in eternal dusk and gloom. Hopefull I will be replacing my cheap $10 wallmart strip lights with a real light hood with decent power to it. To replace the currently burnt out bulb and the 2 lights that I never bought when I moved to Florida will cost $30, add to that the remaining light is about to die, it won’t cost that much money to buy a good light hood that will shed enough light to make my plants happy again. Place your orders now for some MONSTOR Amazon Sword plants! LOL Posted by Picasa.