Rocket Mass Forge

I think I came up with a novel idea, the rocket mass forge. It is a combination of a side blast, side draft forge and a rocket mass heater. I can do my smithing and heat the garage at the same time! I built a side blast forge – one who puts air in from […]

Bella’s play barn phase one.

I was offered a bunch of wood at work, pallets and a shipping crate. Once I got them home, I got to looking at that shipping crate and thought that I should make something useful out of it. Like a play house for Bella. So I started planning one. Rolling the idea around in my […]

Bedroom Red Oak Floating Bookshelf with Curved Front

I need to make some book shelves to put all of my books. I think the best place to put some shelves would be along this wall here, in my bedroom. it is otherwise unusable space. Some shelving would be perfect here. I came up with an interesting idea for the shelves. They will be […]

Visiting Lakeland Florida.

I went to up to Lakeland Florida this weekend. I met most of Katie’s Family. Lets see, Dad Mike, Mom Ellen, I stayed with Brother Todd and wife Sarah, brother Andy and Wife Cara with child Arin stoped to visit along with Brother Matt, Brother Pat and best friend Amy also stopped in. I didn’t […]