DIY Automated Indoor Container Garden Irrigation

Well, I worked on a project I have been talking about and gathering parts for a really long time now. I have had the pumps for over a year. I got the pumps on sale at Harbor Freight in Florida. I picked up the irrigation kit on sale at Walmart this fall. I eventually work […]

Sprint Airave Femtocell

I have had Packet8 VOIP for many years now. It predates my cellphone by a year, easy. I haven’t had any trouble with service. I do have a problem with getting spam from the email address I gave them. Actually, I am a tad pissed about it. My cell phone company called me the beginning […]

Wedding Invitations Final Decisions

I have been working hard on getting these invites done. Saturday I had gone and picked up the black paper. Last night I started cutting the tops and bottoms of the printed invites. Tonight, I have all the printed invites cut! YAY ME! Half of these can be bundled up, and mailed to Katie so she […]