1 kitten left.

Kitten on my lap going to it's new home

So, I gave ‘lil one’ away today. He has a new blue eyed Siamese kitten to play with. I wish him best of luck. I dropped him off. Made a shopping trip out of it while I was out. I am happy, only spent $11 on stuff, and that again on food. I love Culvers.

A little girl came by to look at the other kitten tonight. The kitten goes all shy on us! Can you believe it? They shy one was all ha[py and stuff, and the bold one goes shy!
Funny looking kitten
When the girl and her mom left, I had ALL THREE cats on my lap. They saw the ‘lil one’ leave, and they are like, ‘don’t send me away daddy, I will be good, I promise!’

Goofy looking kitten
Everybody seems to LOVE brother. I got an offer to take Brother off my hands. The 2 people that where here tonight thought he was pretty cool too.

I think I did pretty good raising my kittens..


So, I had told myself that if I still had the kittens at twelve weeks, they are going to the shelter.

They are now 12 weeks old.

I still have them.

The shelters are full.

It’s kinda a tough situation. I can be kicked out of my apartment for having more then 2 cats, so I can’t put up signs for the kittens all over the place.

I posted to some sites last night, I think I may be able to give one away at this point. The person asked for current pictures. I took this video last night about 1am.

And because a picture is worth a thousand words….

and because I like to talk…


By the light of the harvest moon

by the light of the harvest moon
Tonight is the harvest moon. It’s a crisp, cool, night. It’s finally a comfortable 68 inside, and 52 outside right now. Cool enough that you can see ‘steam’ from the storm sewers.
my apartment complete at night
The leaves are going to seriously start thinking about turning color here soon I think.
kitten reading the mail
These demon kittens need to go. They are keeping me up all night. Actually they are quite precious – they need to be precious somewhere else besides on top of me.
two orange kittens
They are getting so big! Somebody quick, take them home while they are all precious like.

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Free Kittens to a good home

The kittens are getting big enough to stake out on their own now. They have moved to the big kitty litter box all on their own. They are pretty much weened – Sister has no milk to give anymore. She no longer flops about when she runs. I think she likes her trim figure back.
7 week old kittens
So, if you want a kitten (or two) speak up. They appear to me to be boys, but I am no kitten expert. So if one of these boys gives birth, well, cut me in on the $$$ selling the story to the Enquirer.

Here is a quick video interview of the kittens, telling you why you should take them home.
7 week old kittens Maybe just a picture would do a better job.

Here is all of us in bed. This is a 10 minute movie of cuteness. No really, check it out. Especially that really cute part at minut————econds.