The miracle of having all the hobbies, is I tend to have lots of kit with me

My 5 year old picked up a splinter in her big toe. My botany kit has some tweezers, a sharp knife, and a light on one of the tiny microscopes. My essential oils travel kit has clove oil. A good topical anesthetic and antibacterial. A dab of clove oil, a bit of digging around with […]

Last summer I started a fire by rubbing sticks together

 Luckily, it was caught on video. This was after a 6 hour day, learning about fire making 'from scratch'.  I made the fire set with my hatchet and small knife. This REALLY makes me appreciate a Bic all the more. The guy behind the camera was teaching 2 of us. A bit of language, so […]

I ordered a copy of the POCKET REF 4th edition by Thomas J

Glover. The book truly is a small book. I decided that I needed to make a case for it to keep it nice as I intend to haul it around with me. A sharp knife, some scrap leather and an hour, and I have a handy little reference that should stay nice for a long […]