I wrote a bit of OpenScad to laser cut a leather pen case

https://github.com/creuzerm/openscad-projects/tree/master/laserable/Pen%20Case I cut it and am looking at it and while it looks good, I think it is flawed. The little round holes for stitching are easy to tell a robot to make. However, I am thinking that they actually overly weaken the seam. I didn't look for the wisdom in the old fashioned hand […]

I bought a new battery once for a cell phone that was a year old

I decided then and there I will ALWAYS buy a new battery for my cell phones after a year. It fixes the 'battery life sucks' argument that new phones also solve. Much cheaper. I also bought one of these Zero Lemon stupid big batteries for my last phone. I also love the oversized battery. Going […]

I made a leather business card holder for my new business cards

I 3D printed the frame and embossing element. I also incorporated a NFC tag so I can use the case to transfer info digitally from the case as well. A bit of high-tech, and a bit of old-school leather work. My favorite way of doing things. My leather working skills aren't good yet, but they […]