Twitter Updates for 2011-04-28

  • I love rainy days like today. I also went to take out the trash and recycling, both empty! Score for me for low-impact living! #
  • I just cut another plastic ensnared Robin out of a tree. Plastic is still on it's neck but the streamer that snagged is now gone. #
  • I found my bug! It was hard to find – it was related to a database compound unique key and a REPLACE statement. Hard one to find! Now to fix #
  • And I squashed my bug! Fixed a lot of so-so stuff trying to find it. Lets hope it runs 3 more years just fine! #
  • Darn nesting birds and lazy home owners! The birds are pulling the insulation out around my back door. I need to fix! #
  • Bella is going to be a gardener! #
  • This looks like the best coals I've ever gotten out of this grill! #
  • Apple wood chunks and beef fat with the hot grill damped down all the way. Hopefully some good burgers? #
  • Bella just chill'n out! #
  • Apple smoked burgers and lettuce just picked from the aquaponics system. I love being able to have fresh lettuce! #
  • I am thinking I've not seen an empty one of these from culinary usage since I left the house. #