Aquaponics at the WI State Fair

When I went to the state fair last weekend, we walked in and almost immediately there was this booth on Aquaponics. How cool is that? I have been talking and reading about it for over a year now. This group wants to build a Aquaponics facility in the Milwaukee Area. A noble goal, fresh food […]

I am keeping her, you can’t have her!

The saga continues! 8 am Sunday Airplane ticket: $256.805 trips to the airport, 210 miles: $3024 toll booths: $14Food for airport sitting 18 hours: $26New clothes, socks, razors, etc because luggage is at destination: $25Katie still here in Elgin: Priceless Yep, Katie is still here in Illinios. Florida, I’m keeping her, you can’t have her […]