They day after Katie moved in…

Katie and I got back late Friday night, early Saturday morning. Saterday night, we finished unloading the trucklet and trailor. This is what we had on Sunday… Snow! Welcome to Illinois Katie!

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So, I had told myself that if I still had the kittens at twelve weeks, they are going to the shelter.

They are now 12 weeks old.

I still have them.

The shelters are full.

It’s kinda a tough situation. I can be kicked out of my apartment for having more then 2 cats, so I can’t put up signs for the kittens all over the place.

I posted to some sites last night, I think I may be able to give one away at this point. The person asked for current pictures. I took this video last night about 1am.

And because a picture is worth a thousand words….

and because I like to talk…

By the light of the harvest moon

by the light of the harvest moon
Tonight is the harvest moon. It’s a crisp, cool, night. It’s finally a comfortable 68 inside, and 52 outside right now. Cool enough that you can see ‘steam’ from the storm sewers.
my apartment complete at night
The leaves are going to seriously start thinking about turning color here soon I think.
kitten reading the mail
These demon kittens need to go. They are keeping me up all night. Actually they are quite precious – they need to be precious somewhere else besides on top of me.
two orange kittens
They are getting so big! Somebody quick, take them home while they are all precious like.

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Cat and Mouse,,,, er… Kitten

Sister let me sleep most of Monday night. Well, most of the way – until 6am or so. Then, surprise, kitten in bed with me. OK, two can play at this game Sister. I pet sister a bit, and she lays down. Kitten starts to nurse. I get the other two kittens and give them to her. We all slept till the alarm clock went.

^ Video of the kittens in bed. ^

Sister started a new game for lunch time. Hide and Seek. She will hide a kitten in an irresponsibly stupid spot where she can not get the kitten out. I have to find it. I found the kitten behind a tub, in a corner of the closet. There was no way for sister to get it out, and it couldn’t get itself out. I couldn’t actually see the kitten, I had to use the video camera to ‘look’ down the hole. Well sister, that closet is now off limits too.

So, I get home from work. Tend to kittens, turn on AC, lay down on couch around maybe 8, sleep until 5am. I climb into bed for the rest of the night.

I don’t know how parents do it. This up all night tending to little ones is gonna drive me to drinking or something.

Kitten Update

Well, I have been up all night kitty sitting.
Everybody got a bath. They all musta smelled so bad from flea stuff that mom wouldn’t get close to them. She will spend some time with them now.

Everybody got a couple of rounds with the bottle. The sick one maybe got a few cc’s, not near enough but the kitten has seemed to perk up. I am going to give that kitten my best go – it just seems to want to survive.

Got some more pics.

Looking down at newborn baby kittens
Here is a closeup of my newboarn baby kittens

Well, one last go at changing of the diapers so to speak, and passed the bottle around. Everyone got a good chug-chug. Sick kitty gave me a good 5 seconds of hard eating. The best effort from that kitten so far.

It’s late. i am tired. Hopefully sister leaves the kittens in the dryer where I put them for the night. I just washed all the kitten bedding, and sister has been scoping the dryer out for weeks. I will leave them in there for the night, and take them out in the morning. It’s a long jump down, don’t need a broken neck when she moves them again.