Troubleshooting WP

this is a test

My WordPress wigged out on me for some reason. It looks like a plugin wasn’t compatible with the latest WordPress and made every direct-link page a 404 page.


It appears to be fixed now, but if you have any problems with anything on this site, please let me know, thanks!

Troubles with my wedding RSVP site.

I got a report last night that the wedding RSVP page is being dumb. From a very reliable source! I am marrying this particular source in less then 2 weeks.

By the time I got home to check it last night, it was working OK for me.

If anybody is having troubles with it, can you send me a screenshot? Maybe that will help me fix it.

I do have a bunch of RSVPs. I used Google Doc’s Forms to deal with the RSVP stuff.
Using that, I can create fancy spreadsheets and such.

From this, I can deduce that about 30 people aren’t hungry. Actually, they signed up before I had the meal option on the RSVP page. So, a few phone calls are in order.

Feel free to email us at wedding (at) creuzer dot com if you are having troubles with the RSVP page. Or call either of us.

Using Ajax to pull in comments to the main blog page

I found a basic tutorial over at this blog that shows how to use AJAX – well actually AHAH which is a simpler piece of ajax to load in comments from the individual post page into the main page.

The whole process is pretty neat, while the end result just makes the blog seem to work much nicer. If you want to look at the comments on one of the main pages, it just kinda works now instead of going to that “add a comment” page to view a comment. That seemed kinda broken to me.

I tested it with Firefox 2, IE 7 and Opera 8(?) which is on my Nokia 770. Let me know if the comments aren’t pulled in for you.

There are a couple of changes you need to make that I didn’t see mentioned in the instructions, one is adding a pair of named <div> tags for the comments and backlinks to be placed into, the other is to change the javascript to use YOUR blogger blog ID.

I am now Famous!

Like I said in an earlier post, I had sent a message to the inventor of the PakYak, Jim, letting him know I was building one, and thanking him for his hard work. He offered to link to my blog. I expected to get put into the “examples” page with the other people who have completed a PakYak. I made the home page! My name is misspelled, but, hey, I have been called worse.

Talk about pressure! Now I am going to HAVE to finish this project! Good thing I went tonight and picked up my jigsaw from a friend’s garage where it was being kept. I should be able to get the aluminum pieces cut faster and more accurately then with the hacksaw I was using.

I never thought I would be a DIY Boat Building Celebrity! Maybe I need to FINISH the kayak before I can make the examples page. I had better hurry so I can secure place number 6.