Sub Irrigated Planter (SIP)

Tonight I made a sub irrigated planter. These are pots that hold water under the dirt and let the pot get watered from the bottom up. Supposedly this gives you better roots as they grow deep, towards the water as opposed to staying near the top. I built mine using recycled ‘stuff’. The pot is […]

Flooding my new plantings.

I had planted 3 types of lettuce in this box planter this time last week. It looks like the Arugala is coming up now. Here you can see the baby arugalas better. It looks like they are growing towards the grow light I have running for that shelf. I had turned on my new irrigation […]

Indoor Planter Stand

I have had this indoor planting stand for a while now. I have been trying my hand at growing things. I have been failing miserably. If I was to follow that old addage where you need to keep a houseplant for a year before you can consider keeping a person for a year, I can […]