Thoughts on Survival Kit Basics

I attended the Primitive Skills Meetup tonight [] talking about Wilderness Survival Kits. One of the attendees asked about a ‘rule of thumb’ for the size of a survival kit. The unfulfilling answer was ‘it depends’. We discussed from an Altoids tin to a rucksack. The ‘Rule of 3s’ was laid out in class and […]

AtlAtl in the back yard

This last summer, I hosted a Primitive Skills Meetup in my backyard where we made AtlAtls, or spear throwers. It was a blast! I just found a video of it today, so that’s why this post is 6 months later. Untitled from Eric Michalsen on Vimeo. An AtlAtl is basically a stick that is used […]

Paiute Deadfall Trap with a plastic tote and my cat

I’ve been going to Primitive Skills Meetups for about a year now. I have a blast there, as it allows me to get away from the city for a while. I’ve learned how to make my own mead, make spoons with fire, forage for wild foods. All kinds of stuff. This month, we are going […]

Mini woodsman bucksaw out of a hacksaw blade

Brother is inspecting my latest contraption, a mini bucksaw made out of a coping saw blade. It’s an outdoor woodsman style made with a bit of 550 paracord to tighten it up with a twist-stick. Here you can see the twist stick a little bit better. To tighten it, you simply put a few twists […]