I printed some z wobble minimisers and installed them tonight

http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:20147 I had to leave half way through the print, so I paused the job and powered down the heaters. The print finished ok when i powered the heaters back up, leaving a big blob where the nozzle had sat. Need to lift the nozzle off of the part or something. Last time I tried […]

Trying to pause printing so i can leave the house

Turned the heat off in pronterface and then flipped off the power supply. Anybody have any luck doing this? I am printing z wobble isolators with the last of my white PLA and don’t have enough to start over with. In album Shut the printer off at this point. Waiting to see how it works […]

I ordered my 3d printer last weekend.

I’ve been following the RepRap movement¬†(DIY Rapid Prototyping machines also known as 3d printers) for at least 3 years now. MSOE had several of the commercial units that I drooled over frequently, but never got a chance to dig deeper into. Thus, I’ve been aware of the technology for nearly 15 years now. But it’s […]