My little mint tin backpacking stove got picked up by Make magazine

They even made a video of the construction.  I was supposed to be backpacking on the ice age trail the day it was published, but had to cancel my trip. So while I have used it, just not out on the trail. Embedded Link View this post on Google+

I built an Altoids tin multi-fuel backpacking stove

I spent an hour or two on Youtube the other night, coming up with ideas for this. So, none of the ideas are original to me, but I didn't see a multi-fuel setup or a capillary action alcohol stove out of a Altoids tin.  97 grams as it currently sits. It will gain a little […]

1 gallon paint can Pocket Rocket Heater

I needed to make something today… so I decided to make a “pocket rocket heater”. These are a small sized high air flow wood stove that sounds like a rocket as they suck so much air. I decided to make mine “right” so I used an old, dried up paint can that was in the […]

Winter’s coming

It’s been crazy, since we bought the house. I can’t believe winter’s almost here already! So much to do, so little time to do it. Especially considering I was sick and knocked on my back for about the last month. That was miserable. I am finally able to do stuff, but I still wear out […]