Engagement Photo Slide Show

I uploaded a bunch of photos tonight. Katie loves photos, so online they go!

We worked on our invitations a bit while at my parents. We have the rough idea worked out. Now to find the right papers, and put it all together.

If It’s not likely that either of us has your address, please send it so we can get you an inviation!

By the light of the harvest moon

by the light of the harvest moon
Tonight is the harvest moon. It’s a crisp, cool, night. It’s finally a comfortable 68 inside, and 52 outside right now. Cool enough that you can see ‘steam’ from the storm sewers.
my apartment complete at night
The leaves are going to seriously start thinking about turning color here soon I think.
kitten reading the mail
These demon kittens need to go. They are keeping me up all night. Actually they are quite precious – they need to be precious somewhere else besides on top of me.
two orange kittens
They are getting so big! Somebody quick, take them home while they are all precious like.

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Kitty take bath

No photos tonight, just a funny story.
The kittens loved sleeping up in the passthru, right? Well, they haven’t been up there in a couple of weeks that I have seen. I moved the boxes that they used to get up there. I figured it was safe to put the tank up there.


Katie was making dinner tonight, and I was in the kitchen, slowing her down. The Kitchen door was closed with the cats in the living room. We heard a SPLOOSH! Turn around, and Brother (my male kitten) is in the kitchen, along with about half an inch of water from the microtank. Well, this seemed an opportune time to give Brother a bath. In he went. It took about 3 seconds of doing the backfloat before he realized it was wet. He laced me pretty good! Down my wrist and across my palm.

He is so nice and soft and silky now.