How to make a bee hive

A friend of mine through was invited by Craftsman Tools to do a video on making a beehive. I was supposed to go and be in the live audience that day, but I was originally told it would film in the evening, and that got moved to mid-day, and I had made morning and […]

DIY homemade bookshelf risers for 2 levels of books

I have been kicking an idea around for a while. I am not sure if I saw it somewhere, read about it, found in instructable for it or what, but I have been wanting to make some bookshelf risers. So, if this is your idea, let me know. I will give credit where credit is […]

Battle of the Videos Part 2

It’s funny how solutions to problems can come from unexpected sources. I have had a login for Sourceforge for years now. They sent me a survey for the best software for 2008. The survey had a multimedia category. SCORE! So I checked out what’s in the line up. Media Coder Talk about exceedingly complex! […]