I recently picked up a used CNC Router

It's a big machine for the hobby side of things. I think they call it a 60150. It will hold a 2 foot by 4 foot piece. 220v water cooled spindle. It's a solid machine. It had been suffering from disuse – not neglect, just simple not getting used enough. Rust pitting on the important […]

The RepRap revolution started 6 years ago, today.

6 years ago today in the AM there was 1. In the PM 2. Now there are tens of thousands. #RepRap http://blog.reprap.org/2008/06/reprap-achieves-replication.html pic.twitter.com/fmzzo7Cep9 — Adrian Bowyer (@adrianbowyer) May 29, 2014 6 years ago, today is when the first ‘child’ printer was created. 6 years ago, today, the RepRap revolution started. RepRaps, or Reproducing Rapid Prototypers […]

I went to the Midwest RepRap Fest (#MRRF) in Goshen Indiana this year

I was asked to go by a friend last year, but couldn't afford a hotel at the time.  Work found out (I have a big mouth) and offered to be a sponsor! A big bonus to this, I got to bring one of our very expensive ROMER arms with a  laser scanner.  The show was […]

I tried making a water block for water cooling my MakerGear hot end this weekend…

I tried making a water block for water cooling my MakerGear hot end this weekend. I failed.       kinda… A bit of background as to WHY I would want to do such a project can be found at http://mike.creuzer.com/2013/01/watercooling-my-makergear-prusa-reprap.html I wanted to improve over the coil of copper being that I am about to re-install […]