Bella’s play barn phase one.

I was offered a bunch of wood at work, pallets and a shipping crate. Once I got them home, I got to looking at that shipping crate and thought that I should make something useful out of it. Like a play house for Bella. So I started planning one. Rolling the idea around in my […]

Bella’s Cute of the week #4

So here is the last photo in the first half of this series. Just look at those blue eyes! If she’s not the cutest baby ever, she’s at least gotta be in the running.  One would think such an adorable baby would make the photographer’s job easy, but you need some mad skillz to crawl […]

Sub Irrigated Planter (SIP)

Tonight I made a sub irrigated planter. These are pots that hold water under the dirt and let the pot get watered from the bottom up. Supposedly this gives you better roots as they grow deep, towards the water as opposed to staying near the top. I built mine using recycled ‘stuff’. The pot is […]