Aquaponics at the WI State Fair

When I went to the state fair last weekend, we walked in and almost immediately there was this booth on Aquaponics. How cool is that? I have been talking and reading about it for over a year now. This group wants to build a Aquaponics facility in the Milwaukee Area. A noble goal, fresh food […]

Restless Feet.

A rolling stone gathers no moss. Well, in-case you haven’t heard, I am moving. I took a new job with a company called Hexagon Metrology. The quick description of what they do is “make robots that measure things”. My job is going to be webmaster for and related websites. My last day with iMapp […]

Electronics Hutch

I recently moved all my junk to Florida from Wisconsin and don’t have a place to put all my electronics peices and parts and tools and whatnot. I don’t want it all laying around for the cats to sort for me, as most of it would end up sorted under and behind the furniture. So […]