Makers in the Mall

My local mall lost a large, two story corner-store. Sad that they made it so far into the economy dive just to die now. On Main Street of the same town, half the shops are closed, including a knitting store. I think that making the large empty retail space into a maker/hacker space would be […]

Bella’s play barn phase one.

I was offered a bunch of wood at work, pallets and a shipping crate. Once I got them home, I got to looking at that shipping crate and thought that I should make something useful out of it. Like a play house for Bella. So I started planning one. Rolling the idea around in my […]

Curtain rod mounts

We tried to hang a curtain rod on the living room window. The blinds made it challenging. The mounting hardware was too short to allow the curtain rod to be hung, so I needed to shim it out. I figured it was a good time to break out the new router bits a good friend […]

The Feburary 2011 Blizzard

Hopefully it will prove to be ‘the’ blizzard. We just had the first blizzard in the new house. It was an experience! We stayed warm, eating freshly picked lettuce from my basement aquaponics system – can’t beat that, eh? Tuesday afternoon, I went home from work a couple of hours early. I cleared the 3 […]