Home Made Chicken & Dumpling Soup from dehydrated veggies and such

A few weeks ago, I dehydrated some veggies, and made a jar of mixxed veggies. Let me tell you, I have been eating more veggies in the last couple of weeks then I have the last year! These dried veggies go into everything that involves boiling water.

I have also been on a dumpling craze as of late. Tonight’s dumplings where caraway-seseme-cumin dumplings. Actually pretty good.

Everything was off the pantry shelf tonight except for the chicken base, of which I added a bit too much of.

The meat was some retort-pouch turkey I got on sale when back in Florida. It expires near the end of the year, and I have a few pouches of it, so I am trying to eat some of it up before it expires.

I think I will let the photos do the rest of the talking…
food storage dehydrated vegitable chicken dumpling soup 
food storage dehydrated vegitable chicken dumpling soup 
food storage dehydrated vegitable chicken dumpling soup 
food storage dehydrated vegitable chicken dumpling soup 

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Wedding decorations on Clearance

Funny thing, wedding decorations. They can be found in the after Christmas clearance section at Home Depot and Walmart.

Katie said she wanted lights. White icicle lights and blue lights. The room is 108×58 give or take. That’s a lot of lights.

Good thing they are 75% off.

Me, being the retard that I am, can’t pass up a good bargain. So, I went a bit overboard. I bought over ten thousand lights. Katie’s specs only called for about 7 thousand lights. Maybe a few less. I bought extra in case there is a bad strand. No need fussing with it, just put up a different one.

I guess I will have those white icicle lights up around the whole place for the wedding – or at least 3 sides of it. There will also be blue lights along the walkway down the center of the room too I guess.

I also found some LED lights that didn’t fit into her request. I bought them anyhow. LED lights are going to be the wave of the future. I wanted some to play with.

The LED package says ‘Save 80%’. Oh really? So I ran the numbers. Yep, it’s 80% judging from the power consumption labels.

I made up a spreadsheet. I am such a geek.

I had to figure out my electricity cost, as they don’t tell you what they charge, just an uber-itemized bill that I think is designed to confuse. Disregarding the fixed costs for meter charge, etc. which is roughly $10 a month, it looks like my electricity costs roughly $0.07 per kilowatt hour.

At that rate. All the lights I bought today would cost $16 a year to run 24/7. The icicle lights are $0.38 a strand a year. The LED lights are a penny a year. Now, that’s comparing apples to peppercorns. The icicle lights have 300 bulbs per strand, the LED lights, 25. If you go bulb per bulb, and use a dozen LED strands, your still looking at around 1/3 the price – which, when you figure it without the rough rounding of the above numbers, is the 80% savings they claim on the box. Granted, the LED lights cost over 10 times more per bulb. They should have a much longer lifespan, so if they last 10 times longer then regular bulbs, they would break even just in that respect. However, regular lights use less then 1/10 of their purchase price in electricity a year.

If I did my math right, the point where LED lights are overall cheaper then regular bulbs is after running them continuously for fifty years (assuming that they both last that long). That doesn’t seem right, does it? Somebody check my math. 1 strand of 100 regular lights – $2.38. 1.33 strands of LED lights, 60 lights per string at 6.98 is $9.28 worth of string lights so we are comparing equal bulb counts. $0.19 a year difference in electricity costs (using the longer string here, three cents a year). That’s almost 50 years of continuously running the lights before you saved more in electricity then you spent on the more expensive bulbs.

Doesn’t hardly seem worth it, does it?

One thing I did notice about the LED lights. The sum of the current for the individual bulbs is 1/3 to 1/2 that of the string as a whole is rated for.
That means that 1/3 to 1/2 of the electricity being used by a string of LED lights is wasted in the current limiting resisters in the string of lights.

That means, that if we can figure out how to wire them up more efficiently, they will run even more efficiently yet.

RAGFL Realtor Rally 2006

Here is part of the crowd for the food at the end of the day

Today was a LOOOOOOooooonnnnnnggggggg day. We had our annual tradeshow today. I was “invited” to attend – read PUT TO WORK.

I am happy though, I was given a radio this year. I only had to walk from one end to the other 3 or 4 times as opposed to the 9 or 10 times that I did last year. Last year I was chasing moving targets blind. This year I knew when they where looking for me and could hide more effectivly **grin**. Actualy, the only time that they called for me and I didn’t jump right on it was when I was eating my lunch.

I spent half the day printing up name-badges. I had suggested that we bring a laptop and a printer this year as last year we didn’t have an introduction for one of our speakers. last year and it was a big deal to get it. The big boss lady pooh-poohed the idea when I brought it up earlier this week. One of the other “big” people thought it was a good idea. So we brought one along. I also went around yesterday and gathered up digital copies of everything people had printed to bring along and put it on my USB drive. Guess what, we needed something printed off again. YAY me. Too bad the big boss man or the big boss lady won’t recognize it. so, that disaster averted, I ended up spending half the day printing out namebadges for the vendors that just showed up. Next year, I am bringing a paper cutter too. Better yet, we need to do a better job of getting vendor names before hand. I would swear that there where as many vendors as attendees judging from the number of extra badges I needed to print up.

My feet are threatening secession if the rest of me doesn’t go to bed soon. That would make wandering around the Fort Lauderale Air and Sea show difficult tomorrow. Posted by Picasa

Yet another reason….

why I dislike Microsoft.

[begin rant]

Amy bought an XBox over a year ago, right? I bought a controller that came with a headset and a free trial to XBox Live. I thought I would give it a go. I put in the card, and it needed a credit card to activate the service. I had THOUGHT I had selected to NOT automatically bill me.

I no longer have access to the console. It was never mine, it was Amy’s it has been in STORAGE for 4 months now.

I get my bank statement, and I am billed $49.95 or something like that. Ok, not a problem, I give them a call, and get it sorted out. WRONG. They must be using windows on their phone system. I call the phone number that is part of the charge. I fuss with their menu system, the computer tells me that it could take a while do to high call volume, and prompts me for my selection. I make my selection, and it starts go to into the next set of options and beep beep beep beep – they hang up on me. I try it again, same thing. By now I know the dialing sequence, so I jump the menus and get another layer deep into the menu before I get hung up on.

I go back and see if I had been billed before. I had, I got billed a year ago. I paid for a year of service I never used. Moral, check your bank statements carefully. Anyhow, I call THAT phone number as it is different then on the more recent charge. The computer answers, says it is MSN something rather or another, utters the usual gibberish in a foreign language to select that other language. The computer then hangs up on me, mid gibberish.


You charging me for a service I never used AT LEAST ANSWER THE BLOODY PHONE. Heaven knows I PAID for it.

[/end rant]