Angel Fish Spawning

Angel Fish SpawningTwo of my Angel Fish seem to have paired off. They have been cleaning off the plant leaves for a few days now. With my new light, the plants have been bubbling like mad, driving the poor Angel Fish NUTS trying to keep “their” leif free of “stuff”. The 3rd Angel in the tank, the prettiest, has been shunned to the “full” side of the tank.
Angel Fish SpawningMom, previously known as Nemo because of her missing feeler fin thingy, is at the upper right of this second photo here. Dad took a while to get the picture of what was going on. He was more interested in the food I put in the tank to keep the other fish full enough not to bother the eggs.
I am rather excited about this deveolopment. This tank currently holds the only other fish I ever raised from eggs (even though he was laid and born in my other tank) – my green cory cat. I used up the entire 256MB of my camera’s digital camera. So if you want to see a LOT of photos that look an aweful lot alike, check out the Angel Spawning Photo GalleryPosted by Picasa

New light hood for the planted tank.

Photo of both tanks showing how much brighter the planted tank is with the new light hood.

Well, Yesterday I went out and bought a light hood for the planted tank. I must say, it is really nice. I got a Coralife Deluxe Series Double Linear Strip 6700k 65 watt light fixture plus legs so I can set it above the tank like how I prefer to run my planted tanks. I must say this thing is bright. In the photo at left, you can see how bright it really is. It has 2 plugs so I can run both lamps independantly if I wanted to plug them each into their own timer.

The new light hood give so much light that you can see the oxygen bubbles coming off the plant leaves

My plants LOVE having so much light. If you look closely, you can see a string of little oxygen bubbles rising up off one of the leaves. This formed about 20 minutes after I had turned on both lamps. After an hour or so, and a refill and shake of my CO2 bottles, I now have at least a dozen leaves giving off streams of oxygen bubbles. The plants seem to leave streams of bubbles where there is damage to a leaf, a hole or a tear or something like that. A lot of the other leaves are forming little bubbles on the underside of the leaves. It doesn’t look near as impressive, but it is still really cool.

A photo of the left side of my tank.

I was worried that the fish where going to be really shy with the lights being so bright. But it doesn’t seem to be bothering them. A little food, and they are back to their normal, nippy, playful selves. My Pleco is even out right now “sunning” as I type this.

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My home made TV Aquarium

TV tank - a fish tank made out of an old TVHere is an ok shot of my TV tank. The photo doesn’t really do it justice, it is so busy in the photo you can’t hardly see any fish. You don’t see any of the baby guppies. On the plus side, you don’t see all the algae spots on the inside face of the tank either.
Coolie LoachMost people never see their Coolie Loaches. I see mine regularly, just never with them free swimming. They are always tucked away in the little rock pile I made for them in the front left corner of the tank – I see their tails more often then there heads. Here you can see him poking his head out.
Both my planted tank and my TV tankYou can see both my tanks here. Notice the bottom tank is darker then the top tank. This shouldn’t be. My poor plants probably think that the Sun-Gods have forsaken them, and left them in eternal dusk and gloom. Hopefull I will be replacing my cheap $10 wallmart strip lights with a real light hood with decent power to it. To replace the currently burnt out bulb and the 2 lights that I never bought when I moved to Florida will cost $30, add to that the remaining light is about to die, it won’t cost that much money to buy a good light hood that will shed enough light to make my plants happy again. Place your orders now for some MONSTOR Amazon Sword plants! LOL Posted by Picasa

5 week Aquarium update

My planted aquariumI was looking at my blog today as I was moving it to it’s new home and noticed how small my angel fish looked in the photos. If you compare the photo to the left to the one I took five weeks ago, you will notice how much more full the plants are – really noticable are the ones in back.
Angel FishIt is really difficult to take a good photo of fish – especially when most of your lights are burnt out on the tank. I am down to 1 florescent light that is over a year old. I can’t imagine how well my plants would have grown if I had some decent light for them. Nemo here seems to be growing his little fealer fin thing back, it is about 2 times as long as when I got the fish. What is that thing called? I don’t remember.
Angel FishI really think that live plants really add a lot to the tank. Now if I could only keep the front of the tank clean…. This is a great picture of the best looking of my 3 angels. I love the rich green background color in this photo. The flash realy fell off quickly to leave the background that dark, I guess that big mirrory Angel Fish right in the middle probably really confused the camera. Posted by Picasa