I was working on some of my hand forged Settlers of Catan pieces on my UNiMAT mini…

I was working on some of my hand forged Settlers of Catan pieces on my UNiMAT mini lathe tonight. I mainly wanted to flatten the bottom of the pieces so they would sit flat on the board. I also tried to machine the roof of one just to see if I could do it.

I will be machining all the bottoms it looks like. I think I will leave the roofs alone. More work than it's worth. It takes longer to machine the bottoms than to forge the pieces – never mind machining the roof!

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A stack of rough forged game pieces. These are pretty bad.

Trying to use the 4 jaw chuck on the lathe to mill one of the game piece ‘roof’ faces.

Roof was machined flat.

More importantly, the base is machined flat. Now the piece can sit on the board.

The 4 jaw chuck allows me to grab this 4 sided piece and machine the bottom flat.

I think I like the blacksmithed roof building better that the machined roofed building.


I worked on my Settlers of Catan tiles last night

I posted about it too, but my phone appears to have eaten the post.

I had cut the acrylic hexagon tiles on my table saw. I had to make up a jig to get them close to the right size and square. They aren't perfect, but they are playable.

The printed photos are various photos that are topical found using Google image search. I'd initially created the tiles using HTML and CSS3 transforms, but no browser will print the css3 transformed background images correctly. So, I had to code up a pdf to get the job done instead. So now I have a bit of code that takes a .csv file of the tile type (hexagon), the border color, and an image URL and it will provide a HTML preview and a PDF print file.

I cut the tiles and used polycrylic wood finish as my glue. Kinda a decoupage thing I guess.

It looks like when I got the pdf printed, the 'shrink to fit' option was selected, as my tiles are all too small. But this turned out I guess.

I rather like the finished effect.

Now to make the water tiles and all the rest of the pieces.

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