So much for riding my bike to work for the next three years.

Not that I’ve ridden in the last 3 years, but once the Maple Street reconstruction was done, I was seriously thinking about it.

I am in the process of rebuilding my Prusa Mendel RepRap

I bent the Z threaded rods pretty bad learning about the various ways to not use the printer. The Z wobble isolators helped, but it still had issues.

I had a few parts left to print out for an 'upgrade' that allows the printer to print much taller. I printed these in the last of my red ABS, because it was already loaded.

Slic3r just came out, so I used the wizard to create a new set of profiles. WOW, did the prints come out nice. Well, except for one weird thing where parts where embedded into the neighbors.

I tweaked some of my smooth rods that had some bow in them. They aren't perfect, but once bent, they never will be!  Rolling them on my surface plate shows the bends. Straighten them like a wooden arrow shaft, but without the heat.

I used a ROMER arm to square up the frame. The frame is pretty square. I am working out how to square the printer's motion now. I have an idea, but the math is beyond me. Hopefully somebody will help me with that.

In album Slic3r 1.0b Default Settings

I’ve never had such a perfect bridge in 2 years of printing on this printer!

This part is ‘designed for manufacturing’ with break away bridge supports. Awesome!

The leg on the bottom left is designed to break away as is the upper bridge arch. Very clever. Makes good use of the good bridging.

I try to get all ‘points’ directed towards the inside so that I have no long, thin fingers which are prone to lift when printed in ABS. I also use a fairly wide brim to keep all the bits connected to each other.  These two tricks has helped me print directly to heated glass with ABS reliably.

Note the highlighted part has a good gap between the main part. The top left part is basically lined up with the big part.

A fairly clean part. The problems visible here are not Slic3r’s fault but mechanicals on the printer such as some Z issues from bent Z rods and a thermal issue near the top of the tall tower where the printer somehow doesn’t get updated temps and the hot end temp climbs.

This is a problem, these two parts are buried into the next part. There was a good gap on the plating screen.

All the little parts are shifted. The part that was on the upper left in the previous screen is now strongly overlapped. Two of the parts have been shifted into the big part body.  It literally printed the overlapping areas twice – as if Slic3r thought they where properly spaced. Bizarre behavior.  I wonder if it’s a repeatable bug? Possibly related to the 3mm brim?

The heat climbed up crazy high again. I jiggled my wires, the printer ‘caught’ the right temp and thermal shut down the hot end as it was near 300c!  I figured out this ‘jamming’ issue i’ve been having at last. Good thing this is the LAST part print for printer upgrades. The printer will get tore down and get the Z issues fixed and the temp probing will get double wired so hopefully this won’t happen again unless both sets of wires break.

I just moved the Z down manually and let it pick up. I lost about 1mm but I think that’s OK. I hope that’s not a critical measurement in this part.  Ugly print, but good enough for now. I may re-print this part when I get the printer rebuilt.

Stripped the printer back down to the frame.  A sad day.

I had to cut the printed parts apart from the shift. How bizzarre.

At least the part I needed (the big one) is in a good way. The little bits are basically junk. Too much removed from one side to be usable.

I’d tried the tablets on the bench here to run the printer before I tore it apart, no luck. Maybe after it gets put back together?

Lots of measuring. Lots of moving the carriages about and re-measuring. Trying to make sure that they track straight. Ideally, I’d like to know that they are tracking perpendicular to each other, but I can’t figure out how to measure that directly. Going to need to measure a calibration print and check that for squareness I guess.

Here you can see the whole of the arm I used to measure the RepRap. It’s about all the arm wanted to do to fit in and around the printer. Being able to work off the surface plate sure did help a lot.

Android Crash and Burn

So, today, I was catching up on my web-development news, and saw that Google reader had an android version of Google reader that came out. So, I was trying to update that at the exact same time I got a phone call.

Now, my phone’s been running slow for a while now. I have it full to the top with all sorts of useful apps.

Well, the phone must have decided enough’s enough. It slowed down right to a crawl. I told it to power off, as many times this helps a little.

It never restarted.

Plus, I start getting tons of error emails from my webserver. So, I work on figuring out why my webserver is freaking out, while watching my phone reboot, over and over and over again. This means I am freaking out. My phone’s been bricked! Turns out the server thing was something trivial. I tweaked the logging code so it is more self evident why it’s going nuts, and finished up my work day.

I tried to reboot the phone, I tried to soft-reset the phone. I ended up hard-resetting the phone. This sucks.

Well, it had been getting pretty slow as of late.

The phone comes back up with a clean slate and just doesn’t want to work. I set it up on my WiFi.  It can’t seem to connect to anything, no authentication to my Google account, nothing. I cross my eyes and reboot the phone. It comes up and seems to work better now.

I delete all the crap apps off my desktop that Sprint put on there. (Why can’t I DELETE these dumb things off my phone? I don’t have room for them on my device!)

I open up the Marketplace app, and to my immense joy, it remembers all my installed apps! So, I get to installing all my ‘necessary’ apps. The ones that make my phone useful to me.

  • Google Maps (update)
  • Street View for Google Maps
  • Google Reader (what I was trying to install when this all started)
  • Square
  • iTriage Mobile Health
  • Handcent SMS
  • Lookout Mobile Security
  • Where’s My Droid
  • First Aid
  • Twitter
  • Radar Now!
  • Google Voice (totally killer app for the android)
  • MomentFlash
  • PdaNet
  • SMS Backup
  • Wifi Analyzer
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Facebook for Android
  • The Weather Channel (update, I wish I could uninstall this)
  • Compass

The amazing thing is that it took only 20-30 minutes for all my contacts to be back on the phone, my core applications that I use every day re-installed, and my life back. Sure, I have some more time getting things tweaked just right, like the background screen. But that’s trivial. I don’t feel like I am missing my right arm or something, just a finger or two. This is how setting up a new phone (or rebuilding a crashed one) ought to work. Automagically.

Google Android is a flipping awesome OS as far as I am concerned.

My website was down.

Sorry for the website being down for the last week or so. A table in the database got corrupt somehow. I’ve been so busy lately with moving and with no internet at home, I just never got to fixing it. The good folks at fixed it up for me today.


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