Foldable trailer

With the new house comes the desire to move into it. Funny thing, that. I have a lot of stuff. Most of it is pretty cool stuff, but there is a decided emphasis on quantity over quality. I was looking at renting a moving vehicle for two different days. Somehow, I convinced my wife it […]

New House

Yesterday, I bought a house. Today, I am in Rhode Island and the Provodence Plantations on a business trip. Kinda makes it sound like buying a house is a trivial thing for me, doesn’t it? I made the offer back in February! The new place is a raised ranch with an english basement in Carpentersville […]

Helping a friend move and a challenging box-spring

Saturday, I was helping some friends move. I must say, this was the best ‘hard move’ I have ever helped with. There where stairs and hard corners at both locations. A lot of big, heavy, and fragile stuff. We filled a cattle trailer and several vehicles with stuff. What made it so easy was that […]